The English Learning Platform

So how did
come to be?

Well for us, it happened somewhere in between collaborating and communicating, engaging, and scaling rapidly. All while being totally transparent and working the way we want.

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At SAYA, we believe in using language as a bridge to unite, inspire and change lives. Our expedition started with one simple yet profound inquiry.

How can we reach everyone regardless of their background or where they are located?
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Diversity reigns supreme at SAYA while inclusion ensures all voices are heard. English command means not only having good communication techniques but also participating internationally and learning from other cultures.

Whether you are a Yangon student, Mandalay professional or a rural businessperson from Ayeyarwaddy Delta, all are welcome at SAYA no matter the background or who they are. Together, we build up a community.

Our Mission

We believe that education should be


Accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints, ensuring equity and opportunity.


Delivering key concepts efficiently, effectively, and succinctly for clarity.


Welcoming and embracing diversity, promoting unity and belonging.


Adaptable to diverse learning styles, schedules, and needs, fostering autonomy.


Captivating and fostering active participation, igniting curiosity and passion.



Covering a wide range of topics thoroughly and comprehensively, promoting mastery and understanding.